Matthew Slaydon, Gulf War Veteran

Air Force Tech. Sergeant Matthew Slaydon is a highly decorated Iraq war veteran who earned a Purple Heart on Oct. 24, 2007.

Dan Schmink on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show hosted by Snowden Bishop

OEF/OIF combat veteran Dan Schmink returned from Iraq with a debilitating back injury and PTSD. He advocates for cannabis to help veterans with PTSD

Iraq-Afghanistan veteran Leo Bridgewater was Communication Specialist for high ranking officers before his honorable discharge. A survivor of PTSD, he advocates for cannabis.

Christopher Lengyel

Christopher Lengyel is an Army combat veteran who served in Afghanistan before retiring for medical reasons. Since then, he earned a degree in counseling from Grand Canyon University and founded Help Me PTSD to provide support for trauma survivors

Sean Kiernan

Sean Kiernanis President of the veteran advocacy group, Weed for Warriors Project. and served in the Army airborne infantry/pathfinder on the front lines of our failed drug policy from 1989 to 1994. 

Filmmaker Korey Rowe

Documentary Filmmaker

Veteran of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division Rakkasans, filmmaker Korey Rowe was among the first invading combat units deployed to Iraq after 9/11.