“Snowden, thank you so much for the time we spent together. Your passion and dedication to Hemp and Cannabis education is powerful and engaging. You’re awesome.”

Dan Herer
Dan HererJack Herer Foundation

“Thanks for having me on the show. I think it’s great… and what you’re doing is important.”

Melissa Etheridge on The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show hosted by Snowden Bishop
Melissa EtheridgeRecording Artist

“Our clients love working with The Cannabis Reporter. Star and Snowden are true media rockstars who see the value of focusing on the medicinal side of the industry. We recommend working with them to all our clients and plan to do so for years to come.”

Kyle Porter CMW Media
Kyle PorterCMW Media

“Snowden Bishop is, without a doubt, the voice of the future of cannabis.”

Nick Lowery Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame
Nick LoweryNFL | KC Chiefs Hall of Fame

“Thank you Snowden and team!!!! You are all honorary Hempsters! I’m so thankful for journalists like yourself that see the importance of growing, harvesting and creating products with the most amazing plant on Earth, Industrial Hemp.”

Diana Oliver
Diana OliverProducer | Hempsters Films

“Thank you for all your interest and passion and all of the education you do with respect to hemp. Please come to Washington sometime and we can do another interview.”

Congressman James Comer, U.S. House of Representatives
Rep. James ComerU.S. Congressman (R-KY)

“I think your points of view are very important and the way you use media and communication to promote something that is good at the very end. I’m going to take your suggestions. Let’s keep the resistance going, which I’m doing here at Centro Fox. I hope you come here with your program.”

Vicente Fox Former President of Mexico
President Vicente FoxMexico's 55th President

“I had chills connecting with everyone during the interview today. The message was very much what I believe in. I’m very thankful for cannabis in our lives. Thank you for being the one to give us voices.  I’m inspired by you.”

Sarah Ellet, Special Needs Mom
Sarah EllettMother of disabled child

“Thanks for the opportunity to further the movement and get the word out. Let’s discuss how we can come together and keep swimming upstream. Strength in numbers.”

Marvin Washington, NFL Alumni Advocate
Marvin WashingtonNFL | Super Bowl Champion

“Knowledge is power. Your show is great because, like you said, people who wouldn’t get this information on their own can learn about it here. What I really like is that you aren’t just preaching to the choir… You are empowering them.”

J. Micah NelsonRecording Artist

Hi I am 60 years old. I would want to drink the tea for my multi-level disc degeneration. I have read up quite a lot about this herb. I know it helps for cancer and other diseases. Blessings!

Rose, South Africa

Ladies, thank you so much for your time. What you are doing is very inspiring! It’s such an honor to be collaborating with wonderful thought leaders like yourselves. Really inspiring.

Bianca G., sparktheconversation.org